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Welcome to Mirrormere. If you're not familiar with this site, please visit the Help section. Mirrormere is the list archive for LOTR_RPS but also accepts submissions. They can be submitted via website or the email on Help.

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Foresight by Asenath (NC-17)
When Lúthien returns to Menegroth after years of wandering, a young Thrandu...recent

Reasons To Hope, Reasons To Live by Hana-Heart (R)
In the Battle of Helm's Deep, Legolas' lover is killed, leaving him alone a...recent

Elaneth by Kalli Hawk (G-PG.13)
An Elf-babe is abandoned in our world (through a nexus of sorts) to be rais...recent

Surprise Presents are the Best by Carol (NC-17)
Gift giving takes a new turn this year between old friends...recent

A Bond Is Broken by Beccaa (G-PG.13)
Aragorn has died. Arwen blames her daughter for his death, and hands out ab...recent

For Better Or Worse by Princess Pirate (NC-17)
Based on the plot bunny by Imogen, which she so graciously allowed me to us...recent

Daunting Byron by Dhvana (NC-17)
Orlando's nerves get the better of him during a premiere, but his search fo...featured

Every single one’s got a story to tell by Laebeth (R)
Mix together cigarettes, birds, men, jealousy, alcohol, phone calls, hotel ...featured

Good Morning Sunshine! by Laebeth (R)
Orlando could not help but whimper under his breath. (VM/OB/SB)...featured

Silent Stars by rotschopf (NC-17)
The peal in the distance, like a silent greeting of the stars, holds memori...featured

Cost Of Friendship by Greymist and Ara (NC-17)
(V/O) (later KU/SB) Set in the "Filming of Troy Time Period" -- The true co...featured

Story uploading problems
This is just a hsort note to let everyone know we've been made aware of the issue pertianing to chapters now showing when uploaded (and related issues). We're still trying to get in touch with the archive's Webmaster/owner to figure out how to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.
mirrorstaff on 2012.05.07 - 05:56AM

Fic searches
It has been brought to the admin staff of Mirrormere that members of the archive actually use the 'new story' function to post fic searches. The searches we could find were deleted and a message was sent to the members actually making those requests. We are not a fic search group/website, we're a fanfiction archive. Please post those searches to relevant websites/lj communities/yahoo groups. If you have any further question, you can reach the archive staff at mirrorstaff@yahoogroups.com . Thanks, The Mirrormere Staff
mirrorstaff on 2009.01.13 - 05:50PM

Anonymous Reviews
After a spammer abused the anonymous commenting system, it's been disabled. It's undetermined when the anonymous comments will be reinstated. Sorry.
mirrorstaff on 2008.02.03 - 12:32PM

Anonymous Comments
After a person excessively--a team of admin members are clearing up hundreds of flame comments--abused the anonymous commenting system, it's been disabled. It's undetermined when the anonymous comments will be reinstated.
mirrorstaff on 2006.05.21 - 09:29PM

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